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"Like being away from each other for a year wouldn't matter!"

Steve is the ying to Fiona’s yang. He’s apart of the Gallagher family. Every love interest that they’ve introduced (for her and him) has felt alien compared to what they had with each other.

Fiona and Steve are two broken pieces of a puzzle that, somehow, make sense when they’re together and I miss that. They, somehow, make the world, within this fictional one, seem bigger and full of possibilities that I…otherwise, didn’t sense in Season 4.

I want them back….and not for anything, every time Steve is forced to leave, Fiona fucks up. There is something about him…not being there or something about not knowing what’s happened to him, that makes her radar go out-of-whack.

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Liam’s a smart kid!

Has anyone noticed how clear spoken he is? He’s a bright little ankle-biter.

I’m curious, though. Does he take after Lip? Is he another hidden genius?

Is he as tough, protective and sweet as Carl?

Will he be as family-oriented as Fiona?

Will he grow up to be as conscientious, smart and caring as Debbie?

Or will he be as sensitive and observant as Ian prior to any symptoms of manic-depressive disorder?

What will happen to the youngest Gallagher when the older siblings earn their wings and fly the coop? Who will he emulate? What will he be like and who will he take after as he grows up?

My money is on Carl and Debbie. Younger children often take after the ones closest to their age but if we were talking father or mother-figure, it’s a toss up between the 3 oldest…with Lip currently leading the charge.

I’m literally watching this kid grow up from diapers and bottles to pull-ups and sippy-cups…and just fascinating.

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That was hot what he, Ian, did right there. I’ve got to give it to Cameron Monaghan, when it comes to acting off the cuff…he doesn’t hold back. He goes for broke and let’s the cards fall as they may. He’s a fearless actor and as I’ve said before, he’s learning by leaps and bounds.

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Ort was also the first to correctly estimate the distance between the Sun from the center of our galaxy. That’s a big deal, finding out where we are in the Milky Way. 

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the cute but nearly dying palace guard (◡‿◡✿)


It’s Sherlock (BBC). You really don’t need to watch it.

I thought this was a show starring Alfred Enoch and his dramatic field life being a Palace Guardsman….I’m so upset now. I thought I was gonna see a show where it’s him getting into the academy, and smoothly yet causally shut down racist who are surprised that Black people are in this field. He is a guy looking for a little more enjoyment in his life, who meets a beautiful Beautiful Black Woman who is professional thief and steals priceless artifacts and he mets her at a bar, and they have intimate dates and drama because he learns what she does and he refuses to turn her in, and they have romantic escapades sneaking into places and having candlelight dinners and what not…..I WANT THIS SHOW DAMN IT *cries into a pillow*

Naw, nothing nearly as cool. Just Sherlock instead.

I’m so upset by this…I need this show to exist right now. *Starts typing out ttv pilot for the Bloody Guardsman* Shutter what shall we call this show I don’t want nothing to be associated with Sherlock. I’m so upset by this can you imagine how awesome that show would be? I want it damn it. I want this to be a thing.

I caught a gif of Alfred Enoch as an English Royal Guard and was instantly hooked. I searched the internet and On-Demand for the exact episode featuring him as a Royal Guard and was beyond P’OD when I discovered that not only did the episode (episode 4 on a show called Sherlock, might I add) not spend an enormous amount of time delving into his career but that the only part of him I’d be allowed to ogle in all my lust-filled glory would be the clip of him standing in front of the Royal Palace, in his uniform, moments before this handsome stud kicks the proverbial bucket. To say I had a fit is an understatement. I threw my remote across the living room and let loose a stream of epithets that would make the holy mother of God blush in shame.

How can anyone dangle this fine piece of eye-candy in front of an audience, get mouths watering and then yank his perfectly shaped posterior out of reach…just when you’ve finally gotten good, long look at that ass? How can anyone be so cruel? I’m just baffled!

Oh and the girl I expected that young fine English Guard to lure him into uncharted waters would be either a character played by Freema Agyeman…

or a character played by Jessica Lucas.

But I digress. The point of this reply is…I want more Alfie. Preferably half naked but you guys get the gist.

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When Padma & Dean failed

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when you’re told you’re leaving school earlyimage

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